“Eddy’s life was completely changed by a vision of the divine. In his case it was the Great Spirit a manifestation of his peoples’ connection to the land…Eddy became a guide for the First Nations People spreading the transformative power of the Vision Quest.” – Morgan Freeman – National Geographic’s “The Story of God”


“What happens when someone sees or feels what they believe is the presence of God? The simple answer is perspective. It’s a moment of understanding. It shows a way forward. Visions happen in the mind of one person. But when someone like Saint Bernadette, Charles Mulli, or Eddy Robinson have the courage to share their vision, it can alter the course of many lives, even change the world.” – Morgan Freeman – National Geographic’s “The Story of God”


“Eddy Robinson is a powerful and provocative speaker. His winning combination of historical and cultural knowledge, along with a leader’s vision of the future can help all Canadians gain new insights and ideas on how to reconcile and build together.”  – Mark Bowden, TRUTHPLANE INC.


“I met Eddy Robinson at the York Region District School Board’s Quest Conference this fall. Following his keynote, Eddy agreed to have an interview so that we can share his teachings throughout our board and I was honoured to be the one interviewing him.  Eddy spoke to us about the storytelling as an ancient Annishnabek tradition that is “rooted in memory work”. His stories reminded me that as educators, we have the power to represent others and his lens has caused me to pause and consider our roles in a different way to better honour the stories of those we serve in our communities. He speaks to the importance of creating a space for stories to be told and invites us into the stories he tells. We need to occupy less space to create more space for all stories. He challenges us to think deeply about our assumptions and to see the world through a different lens. In one of the stories he shared he talked about how a storm was coming and he said that “it was almost like someone sucked the sound out of the room—everything was completely still”. That is exactly how I felt when he was telling his stories to us. He is a storm that is brewing. Thank you for sharing your stories with us”  – Dr Debbie Donsky, Principal in Curriculum and Instructional Services, York Region District School Board


Truth and Reconciliation March         June 1st – 2015


“Eddy Robinson’s talks fit perfectly with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call for all of to learn more about First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples. Eddy’s an Anishinaabe brother, who I greatly respect. His talks focus on fostering relationship building between the organizations, institutions and agencies with thoughtfulness and cultural safety. He shares the impacts of colonization, historic trauma and existing issues of oppression within the First Nations’ communities in a way that is approachable and accessible. Through stories and song, Eddy works towards a day when the power of knowledge, inclusiveness and sharing of First Nations cultures helps our nation and all its’ people connected and stronger.” – Wab Kinew



2015-10-02 MemorialU
Eastern Owl – First Nations Traditional/Contemporary Drum Group, St. Johns Newfoundland



“I had the privilege of meeting Eddy Robinson at an Indigenous Awareness presentation to TD employees and Senior Managers. Since then I have heard him speak on a number of occasions. Eddy is an energetic speaker. He is passionate about bridging the gap between Indigenous and Non Indigenous people. He possesses the rare ability to stimulate audience participation in a nonthreatening environment. As a facilitator and relationship builder, he can navigate through complex discussions with positive and successful outcomes, even when the topics evoke passionate responses from his audience. Eddy speaks from the heart and draws from his knowledge and real life experiences. He shares his knowledge through stories, song and visual symbolism. Thank You Eddy, for inspiring positive change and bridging the gap between Indigenous and Non Indigenous People.” – Angelo Torchia I Regional Sales Manager, Aboriginal Banking, Prairies & Territories TD Commercial Banking


“Eddy provided highly a engaging, dynamic professional learning series for our K-12 administrators that promoted a greater understanding of what reconciliation is and why it is a priority in Canada, and our district. Eddy created a safe and open learning environment that allowed participants to share ideas & thoughts, to ask questions, and to think about their role as leaders influencing and supporting Indigenous Education in schools and classrooms.”Cathy Port, Superintendent of Education – Hastings Prince Edward District School Board


“Eddy¹s discussion about Indigenous Ways of Knowing through an Urban Lens was the perfect connection to our N¹Wiwiijnookimin- Early Years Collaborative Inquiry. Educators were provided the opportunity to ask questions and have interactive discussions regarding the topic. Eddy also had lunch with the participants afterwards which allowed for candid conversations in smaller groups. Eddy is committed to his work and sharing his story in way that supports Educators in their work. He will also work adjust his presentation to meet the needs of your work. Eddy- a sincere thanks for spending your day with York Region District School Board! We look forward to seeing you at Quest 2016.” – Pamala Agawa Curriculum Coordinator, First Nation, Métis and Inuit Education


“Eddy provided Team Manitoba (at the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships) with a workshop on cultural identity. I was so impressed with his uncanny ability to connect with the youth participants. He is a tremendous role model. His message was raw and powerful and will undoubtedly resonate with the youth as they advance in their hockey careers. I would highly recommend Eddy for any function.” – Desiree Dorion, Team Manitoba Manager


“Eddy Robinson is truly an inspirational member of the community. Through song, stories and discussions he creates a safe environment conducive for learning and sharing with all participants. His in-depth and extensive knowledge on indigenous culture and indigenous ways of knowing really helped my artist team understand the many layers of decolonization and how they can be involved in the process. I would highly recommend Eddy Robinson for any event you might be hosting where he can share his talents, insights and timeless wisdom.” – Matthew Jones aka Testament, Director of National Programs, UNITY Charity


“Eddy Robinson brings his experience into the room when he presents. He speaks from the heart. His is a voice to move us all toward respectful relations with one another.” – Celia Haig-Brown, Ph.D. Associate Vice-President Research Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation, York University


“I have had the great pleasure of working with Eddy on many occasions over the past few years. A skilled and effective speaker, his message is delivered with both purpose and humour, incorporating personal experiences, historical elements and global perspectives. A natural educator, he is able to create a comfortable space for discussion and a heightened level of audience engagement. I would highly recommend Eddy for your next event.” – Sherri Gray Senior Manager, Corporate Diversity, Aboriginal Peoples and Serving Diverse Communities – TD Bank Group


“Eddy Robinson is a fearless speaker who walks his talk! He leads with a level of knowledge and optimism that is felt by everyone in his presence. Behind his humble and sincere energy is a powerful change maker who leaves audiences inspired. Eddy shares his story with an honesty that is critical to our self-awareness and responsiveness to the work we are called upon to do.” – Reagan Kennedy, Indigenous Artist


“We have worked with Eddy Robinson on several events and have found him to be professional and prompt in the planning stages and engaging and inspirational in execution. Our guests and staff have learned so much from Eddy with regards to Anishinaabe traditions and our challenging history as Canadians. He doesn’t shy away from difficult concepts and issues, but is able to engage audiences with the information in such a way as to inspire change and create allies in the community. I learn something new every time I hear him speak and love watching others walk away inspired by his presentations.”– Brenna Bartley, OCT, Coordinator, Educational Programming Conservation Halton


“It was an honour and a privilege to hear from Eddy Robinson at the Council of School Leaders (COSL) annual winter conference in February 2016. Eddy’s message focused on fostering positive relationships with our indigenous neighbours His talk included a deeper look into the historical context and explored the significance of understanding our urban Indigenous landscape. If relationships are built on trust and every relationship has agency and choice, then as we walk the path to reconciliation, it is our responsibility as educators and school leaders to ensure that we teach the true Canadian narrative and nurture this relationship.” – Susan Ciastko, Vice-Principal, Louis Riel School Division, Winnipeg, Manitoba


“Eddy Robinson’s workshops authentically engage teachers in reimagining Canadian history. Eddy provides quality programing for our students and staff that strip away constructed stories of First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples, while engaging the learner with appropriate pedagogy and methodology that breaks down systemic and oppressive structures. Eddy has been fundamental in working with us to achieve our goals of creating equitable and inclusive programing for our students and staff. With a focus on Indigenous ways of knowing he uses his lived experiences to teach the historical narrative of Canada’s Indigenous communities. After attending sessions teachers leave with a deeper understanding of tradition, culture, segregation, assimilation and integration. Eddy is a prophetic voice that is desperately needed in our schools to build awareness, allyship and truth.” – Joanna Newton, Religious Education and Faith Formation Consultant with a focus on Equity and Inclusive Education


“Eddy Robinson’s ability to speak with such passion and clarity while focusing on the importance of relationship when discussing the complex issues that face Indigenous Communities in “Canada” is powerful. Through sharing stories, facts and theory on the impacts of historic trauma from the colonial process and how existing forms of oppression affect Indigenous Communities calls people into the conversation in compassionate and influential ways. This act of calling people in allows for the audience to think about change as systemic, and a shared responsibility. ” – Hannah Batten, Volunteer and Community Engagement Director, Wilfrid Laurier University


“Eddy Robinson is a gifted story-teller, an engaging workshop facilitator and an inspiring Keynote speaker. His captivating ability to share his cultural knowledge and history with a widely diverse audience, from a place of authenticity and inherent wisdom, allows for greater understanding and impactful learning that is instrumental in inspiring positive change in attitudes, individually and collectively.” – Roz Espin, Director of Equity Education, Harmony Movement


“Eddy Robinson was a massive hit at Memorial University, and also within the City of St. John’s. He graciously agreed to visit the local Native Friendship centre, where folks in the community were given the opportunity to meet and engage with him. Eddy is a wonderful speaker, and creates an environment where his audience feels comfortable and captivated. Eddy was energetic and passionate about his indigenous heritage – and the entire audience left feeling more aware of the histories of aboriginal people within a Canadian context.” – Brittany Lennox, Executive Director of Student Life – Memorial University of Newfoundland Students’ Union


“I’ve worked with Eddy Robinson many times over the past ten years and each experience gets better.” – Jennifer Podemski, President, Redcloud Studios Inc.


“Eddy has presented for educators in Peel District School Board many times. Each presentation is engaging, informative, and educational, and participants always provide positive feedback afterwards. Eddy’s presentations provide a balance between Indigenous history in Canada and Indigeneity in contemporary Canada too. His presentations highlight historical injustices, and offer multiple pathways toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. All school boards can benefit from Eddy’s knowledge and insight, and we look forward to having him in Peel again!” – Melissa Wilson, MA, OCT, Acting First Nation, Métis, Inuit / Equity & Inclusive Education Instructional Resource Teacher