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I sampled “Waabananang Ziibi” by Morningstar River for this new track. Lead singer Eddy Robinson explained that it’s a straight song, which means that it has no words. He also noted that it’s a round dance song, which is commonly used for social gatherings where everyone joins hands and dances together in a large circle with a side-shuffle step to the left, in time with the pattern of the drumbeat, to emphasize the equality of everyone in attendance. Further to this, Eddy added the following.

I went to a ceremony for Anishinaabe and seen the way they used round dance styled songs in the Ojibway round house ceremony and big drum societies.

The Cree styled round dance which is a type of ceremony and social believed to honor the ancestors. They play the hand drum with a scratch beat to call the spirits in; they also believe they’re calling their relatives (northern lights). This style is now popular with Indigenous people and pow wow people everywhere.

Oklahoma folks use the round dance style in a contemporary sense and turned them into social songs. Kind of like country songs or the blues. Singing about losing their wives trying to swoon them back or catch the eye of a new one. Hence the term snagging songs.

-Eddy Robinson

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Speakers That Influence me

Here are my top five in no particular order or ranking system because I equally like each of them.

Mississauga City Council Deputation October 14th 2015



On October 14th, 2015 I had the opportunity to propose Indigenous Celebration Days be declared and acknowledged within the city of Mississauga. Hope you enjoy.

October 14th, 2015 part 1 – Footage of my deputation starts at approximately 3:00 minute mark and concludes at approximately 10:00 minutes.

Video of Deputation


Eddy Robinson M.Ed.

My First National Speakers Bureau Talk

2015-10-02 16.25.43

Memorial University, St. Johns Newfoundland


Sorry It’s been awhile since I posted a blog submission. My family has had my undivided attention for this past few weeks.

I just wanted to talk about my experience out in St. John’s. From boarding the flight up until my return it has been one of the best trips to date. I was treated with the utmost respect and generosity by Brittany Lennox Memorial University and the hospitality of the local Native Friendship Centre was very warm and heartfelt. It is definitely a place I want to visit again.

I presented to Memorial University and the talk was approximately two and half hours. The conversations I had before and after the presentations were very inspiring and taught me a lot during my visit. Out of respect and privacy for the people I connected with I will keep those private but it was everything from creating social change, building   capacity. privilege, oppression to the spirits around Signal Hill.

It is moments like the ones I had in St. Johns that reassure my internal questions of whether or not I am on the right path.


Eddy Robinson M.Ed

2015-10-02 MemorialU

Eastern Owl Drum Group

2015-10-01 19.13.16

Cape Spear – The most eastern part of North America


“Eddy Robinson was a massive hit at Memorial University, and also within the City of St. John’s. He graciously agreed to visit the local Native Friendship centre, where folks in the community were given the opportunity to meet and engage with him. Eddy is a wonderful speaker, and creates an environment where his audience feels comfortable and captivated. Eddy was energetic and passionate about his indigenous heritage – and the entire audience left feeling more aware of the histories of aboriginal people within a Canadian context”.
– Brittany Lennox, Executive Director of Student Life – Memorial University of Newfoundland Students’ Union