National Geographic’s “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman”

Wayna-Boozhoo! Boozhoo! Ahneen! Wachay

I want to say Kiizhay-Meegwetch (Kindest Thank You) to the Mississauga’s of Scugog Island First Nation without the community effort, dedication to the culture and their strong sincere spirits this part of the journey would not have been possible in any way. I am so grateful and I send many blessings to their children, families and community

I had the privilege, honour and opportunity to travel to Pasadena California for the
Television Critics Association 2019 Winter Press Tour for National Geographic’s “Story of
God,” as a panelist. The trip and experience was surreal and I am still pinching myself
because it felt like a dream.

I want to say Gitchi-Meegwetch (Greatest Thank You) to Morgan Freeman, National Geographic and Revelations Entertainment for creating space for the Indigenous narrative and voice.  Vision Quests, fasting and spending time with our First Family – Creation is an Indigenous Way of Knowing that we as Anishinaabe and many other Indigenous Nations develop and maintain relationships with Creation, the spirit world and the universe.

This has been a life changing experience.

My interview is airing on March 19th (USA) and March 25th (Canada), 2019 on the National Geographic channel Season Three, Episode Three. Hope you enjoy the episode.

TCA Winter 2019 – Morgan Freeman, Nelufar Hedayat – Pasadena, California

“Eddy’s life was completely changed by a vision of the divine. In his case it was the Great Spirit a manifestation of his peoples’ connection to the land…Eddy became a guide for the First Nations People spreading the transformative power of the Vision Quest.”

Morgan Freeman – National Geographic’s “The Story of God”


Mississauga’s of Scugog Island First Nation – Film shoot


“What happens when someone sees or feels what they believe is the presence of God? The simple answer is perspective. It’s a moment of understanding. It shows a way forward. Visions happen in the mind of one person. But when someone like Saint Bernadette, Charles Mulli, or Eddy Robinson have the courage to share their vision, it can alter the course of many lives, even change the world.”

Morgan Freeman – National Geographic’s “The Story of God”