Spirit Bear and Children Make History

“I was so honoured to be part of sharing Spirit Bear’s tremendous story and the protection of First Nations Children.”


Spirit Bear December 6th 2017 @SpiritBear

Spirit Bear and Children Make History

Spirit Bear is BEARY excited to announce the release of his first children’s book! After months of hard work and a little help from his friends Cindy Blackstock, Eddy Robinson, and Amanda Strong, Spirit Bear’s book about is now available for a cost of $15 + shipping.

When Spirit Bear’s mom tells him about an important human rights case happening in Ottawa, Ontario, he makes the LONG trip (by train, his favourite way to travel) to go and watch, and to stand up for First Nations kids.

And he isn’t the only one! Lots of children come too—to listen, and to show they care. Spirit Bear knows that children can change the world because he’s there to see it happen.

This is the story of how kids—kids just like you—made a difference…with a bit of help from some bears and other animals along the way!

With special thanks to Unifor (www.unifor.org) for their generous support of this project.



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