Collaboration I did with DJ SHUB

VICE Episode

DJ SHUB’s Blog – Download the song “Old School is for Lovers” from DJ-Shub’s website.


I sampled “Waabananang Ziibi” by Morningstar River for this new track. Lead singer Eddy Robinson explained that it’s a straight song, which means that it has no words. He also noted that it’s a round dance song, which is commonly used for social gatherings where everyone joins hands and dances together in a large circle with a side-shuffle step to the left, in time with the pattern of the drumbeat, to emphasize the equality of everyone in attendance. Further to this, Eddy added the following.

I went to a ceremony for Anishinaabe and seen the way they used round dance styled songs in the Ojibway round house ceremony and big drum societies.

The Cree styled round dance which is a type of ceremony and social believed to honor the ancestors. They play the hand drum with a scratch beat to call the spirits in; they also believe they’re calling their relatives (northern lights). This style is now popular with Indigenous people and pow wow people everywhere.

Oklahoma folks use the round dance style in a contemporary sense and turned them into social songs. Kind of like country songs or the blues. Singing about losing their wives trying to swoon them back or catch the eye of a new one. Hence the term snagging songs.

-Eddy Robinson

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